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Flappy Bat

Endless flyer game

Inspired by Flappy Bird. Annoying endless flyer game featuring different themes and 4 game modes.

Windows Store

Night Chopper

Chop wood to beautiful piano songs

This game was inspired by the Timberman games, but this time the viewpoint is bottom up. This means 4 places to chop from. Each chop gives a piano note, and by chopping you create a beautiful song.

Windows Store

Piano Tunes Universal

Beautiful piano songs

Listen to piano songs and learn how to play them. Over 200 songs in this app. Available for Windows 10 on PC. A separate version is also available for Windows Phone.

Download for Windows 10


What people say about us


"BEST GAME EVER!! love this game. Its way better than all the other tapping tiles games. And one of the best things is they are constantly updating the game! You can even say if you want a song." - Kristies review of Mind Your Step


"Love this app so much!! Great for learning songs on the piano! Some of my favorite songs too and very friendly service!" - Jilians review of Piano Tunes


"This game is awesome. I can play it to calm me down when needed. :)" - Mollys review of Night Chopper